Nothing like a first time…….traveling solo to London (2007)

My younger sister (I have 2) suggested that I start with a post about how I started traveling solo to help others feel more comfortable trying it.  I have impulsive moments and that’s how traveling solo began for me.  Every few years I do something to shake things up in my life– teaching, skydiving, and buying a house.  In  March 2007,  I was ready to shake things up.  I signed up for grad school (my second stint in grad school–I already held a Master’s in Education) and I quit my second job in a high-end retail store.  Then I realized that I wouldn’t be able to travel until after my grad program was finished–1 1/2 years later.

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Here goes………….hopefully something

Here goes….the blog for the solo traveler.   I don’t consider myself a travel expert or even a solo travel expert, but I do have ideas that I want to share.  I want to hear from others–I scour reviews for attractions and hotels when I’m in planning/researching mode for an upcoming trip.

I have a few ideas about how I want to structure the blog, but I’m willing to let things grow organically if my ideas don’t get the responses I’m hoping for.  I would like to discuss traveling tips, trip prep, post pictures, share anecdotes, set up polls–we’ll see how things go.  I plan on diving into my travel journals as well as discuss off the cuff  topics. Continue reading