What do you do with your travel pictures?

I take hundreds of pictures during any given trip–even for a place I’ve visited before.  I take pictures every day –sometimes of the same thing but under different light or weather conditions.  I have a rainy shot of the Grand Place in Brussels that I quite like (Pic of the Week 11-22-14). It rained several times throughout my 6 days there and  I couldn’t avoid the wet stuff while picture-taking. I have several other photos of the Grand Place–it was the area I had to walk through the most to get from my hotel to other tourist attractions.  So if the ever-changing landscape–meaning people, vendors, and overall action was interesting to me then I took the shot. I actually picked up my souvenir watercolor of Brussels from this vendor on my last day in town–I kept returning to browse and I finally purchased my prints there.

Grand Market

Grand Place

Brussels, BE

I wonder what people do with their vacation or holiday photos.  Frame them?  Post on social media? Make movie slideshows? Stuff them in a box under the bed or tucked in the My Pictures folder of the computer?  Does anyone make scrap books anymore?

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