What do you do with your travel pictures?

I take hundreds of pictures during any given trip–even for a place I’ve visited before.  I take pictures every day –sometimes of the same thing but under different light or weather conditions.  I have a rainy shot of the Grand Place in Brussels that I quite like (Pic of the Week 11-22-14). It rained several times throughout my 6 days there and  I couldn’t avoid the wet stuff while picture-taking. I have several other photos of the Grand Place–it was the area I had to walk through the most to get from my hotel to other tourist attractions.  So if the ever-changing landscape–meaning people, vendors, and overall action was interesting to me then I took the shot. I actually picked up my souvenir watercolor of Brussels from this vendor on my last day in town–I kept returning to browse and I finally purchased my prints there.

Grand Market

Grand Place

Brussels, BE

I wonder what people do with their vacation or holiday photos.  Frame them?  Post on social media? Make movie slideshows? Stuff them in a box under the bed or tucked in the My Pictures folder of the computer?  Does anyone make scrap books anymore?

I do the usual thing with my travel pictures–the photo scrapbook.  Before digital photography took hold and I started creating scrapbooks online, my photo albums were pieces of art.  I hoarded all sorts of things during my trips to keep as mementos:  tickets, underground passes, receipts (museum receipts always have fancy pics on them), currency, guide books, brochures, maps, and any other thing I could stuff in a photo album. I would spend a day editing and culling through my hundreds of pictures.  I would have them printed out.  The Michael’s craft store field trip could cost a pretty penny once the books, extra pages, special papers and other scrap-book essentials are purchased.  Then I toiled and labored for 2-3 days putting together my scrapbooks.  I figured out the background papers and the organization of the pictures and how I wanted to intersperse the postcards and mementos with my pictures.  I used my guidebook and travel journal to label people, places, and things.  Since 2012, I succumbed to the digital photo scrapbook.  I admit I still miss my mementos, but now I take pictures of the more interesting tickets, passes, maps, and so forth to include in my photo book. I still labor for a day or two, but I admit the cost is probably less now that the Michael’s field trip is cut from the equation.

Occasionally, I love a picture so much that I try to make something special of it. I love my pic of the Atomium in Brussels from the 1958 World’s Fair–so I had it enlarged and printed on silver photo paper as the featured art in my guest bedroom.

Atomium Atomium

Brussels, BE

I have a growing number of collage photo coffee mugs for each city I explore.  I love these coffee mugs, they make me smile when I grab one of them.  I put together a collage of 15 photos that I love for the mug–the pictures are landmarks or a mundane, everyday thing that I just like how it came out.  I shuffle the pictures until I get the right mix of pretty postcard-ish pics and fun pics.  Then I title the mug with the city and year.  The titles are in color and I usually pull a color from the pics.  One of my London mugs has red lettering to compliment the picture of the red cab with “London’s calling” blazoned across its body.  My Budapest mug has a fuchsia title to compliment the pinky tones in many of the pictures.  It’s sad but I spend a lot of time designing my souvenir mugs.


My growing coffee mug collection…….

I usually take my 4-5 favorite pictures and have them printed on 2 X 3 magnets.  These magnets live on my fridge with the other souvenir magnets that I picked up along the way.  The magnets are organized by country on the fridge and if I visit a country more than once I just add the new magnets to the section. I have a mouse pad and photo book that I designed with the greatest hits pics from 6 trips. They were both free gifts from Snapfish and I thought, “Why not?”

What do you do with your pictures?  Anything unusual?

This is a short post, but I’ve been copping out with just posting pics each week.  I finally have school under control so I should be posting more regular posts on top of the Pic of the Week selection.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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