Vic’s Pic of the Week–Scott’s View, UK

sir walter scott's view

Sir Walter Scott’s View overlooking the valley of the River Tweed

in the borderlands of Scotland, UK

It’s said he travelled this road and stopped to take in this view

on his way home so often that during his funeral procession

in 1832 his horse stopped here without command.

Have Travel, Will Prep–travel guides and maps

I’m a prepper, not a doomsday prepper or a plotter (if I wrote fiction), but a trip prepper.  I adore mulling over the details of a trip.  I like the feeling of a brand new, shiny travel book complete with pictures and maps in my greedy little hands.    Have I mentioned I’m a teacher?  And teachers prep (well, plan).  I’m particular about the travel books I invest my money and time into–oh–I’ll do my due diligence with regards to research on the internet–but I prefer my real, picture-laden, fact-filled heavy books.

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The Globetrotter Jotter

How do you chronicle your travels? I use a journal not only to remember the day to day itinerary, but to also record anecdotes that are usually forgotten shortly after arriving home. I find my journal useful to list my pictures so that it’s easy to label the pics in my scrapbooks.  I can’t remember which trip I started the travel journalling–I don’t write in a diary or journal on a daily basis. I do remember in 1998 that I was in London with a friend and I slipped out of the hotel room for a pint downstairs and I took a journal with me.

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