What do you take pictures of while traveling?

Are you the selfie king or queen?  Are all of the photos of tourist sites cataloged in quirky angles or the artistic composition with the perfect lighting?  Do you go for serious travelogue or the funny shots that look like you’re pushing a building over?  Some people love portraits of people they meet while traveling.

I’m a building person myself–I love cathedrals which is ironic since while I’m not a particularly religious person I do consider myself spiritual.  I love sitting in old cathedrals–if some of these cathedrals were my Sunday morning worship spot–I’d be in every week to soak in the atmosphere.  Within the last year, I visited the Mezquita in Cordoba–a mosque with a cathedral plopped down in the middle of it.  It’s a weird mix of cultures.  The mosque has beautiful marble columns aligned in long rows and wide open floor space as there are no chairs or pews for worshipers.  The cathedral portion of the Mezquita has pews in front of the altar and choir.  So mixed with the red marble columns are these white plaster-carved Gothic and baroque style arches and stain glass windows.  Later in the day, I visited the Sinagoga–one of three medieval synagogues left in Spain.  It is in the middle of restoration, but it’s a small room with high windows and large murals of intricate, carved plaster-work that looks like the plaster-work that’s found at the Alhambra.  I have a thing for old buildings, towers, and beautiful old architecture.  I love the workmanship–as these buildings would never be constructed in the same way today or with the same quality.

cropped-st-paul-s-cathedral-e14090904098852.jpg  Grand Market  IMG_4739  IMG_20150410_201534  IMG_20150411_163104

I also fancy taking shots of flowers especially within the confines of a cityscape. I seek out green space while in the city exploring though I could be inside all of the time at home–go figure! I love close up shots of flowers–just love them.  I like nature shots that seem majestic and other than what I see at home which is a flat coastal location. Scotland, England, & Ireland are good for nature.  The area has several landscapes–rugged coastlines, large open fields to tranquil canals and rivers.  While Belgium and the Netherlands are a combination of nature and engineering–I like shots of the canals, windmills and other natural forces harnessed to man’s use.   During the last few cityscapes, I’ve ventured to high viewing towers for bird’s eye views.  Montparnasse Tower & Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Euromast in Rotterdam, the Danube Tower in Vienna, La Giralda in Seville & London Eye in London to name a few.  Honestly, the views are nice, but it never completely lives up to the views I expect in my head.

sir walter scott's view  IMG_20150411_110255846 IMG_3955  IMG_3959

IMG_1204 IMG_0397

I’m trying to add more people to my pics, but I usually only do that when trying to show scale of a building.  I’ve also been trying to play more with the features of my camera like panorama shots.   I’ve succumbed to the trend and I now take selfies (I think it’s a sickness with Americans to capture every moment in time with a selfie).  But traveling solo has lent itself to empty photos without my presence in front of the camera so now armed with my cell phone and, yes, selfie stick I’m also in front of the camera when I want to be.

wpid-img_20150409_204241.jpg  wpid-img_20150408_215411.jpg  IMG_20150220_115612568_HDR~2  IMG_3617  Bruges 7  IMG_20150220_125839619


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