Have Travel Will Prep: Travel Apps & Sites

It’s time for the ubiquitous post regarding the must-download travel app–the tried and true traveler’s go to internet place for travel related fun or information.

  1. Tripinary-Fun and surprisingly addictive.  Works like Tinder, but instead of sorting through pictures of prospective “dates & mates” you swipe through prospective travel places.  It’s lust at first sunset.  Then you can sort through your bucket list and look at air fares to book your destination.

  2. Trip Advisor-uh duh–who doesn’t look at their reviews-it is just part of the research.  Enough said.Gate 1 Travel - More of the World for LessGate 1 Travel - More of the World for Less
  3. Gate1Travel-Surprised?  I have booked one vacation (I think Budapest–my hotel was noted on the “hop on/hop off” tour guide for its architecture) through their site, but I often go to their site when I want to figure out in which neighborhood I want to search for a hotel.  Each of their vacation deals have this great little city centre map with pictures of the most popular attractions and sites.  I can easily figure out where I want to be in the destination.

  4. Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc.- I plug in my search parameters and just explore-figuring out dates, hotels, activities.  It’s a good starting point.  Now that I’ve traveled solo for nine years now, I’m more comfortable booking directly with airlines and hotels.  I’m even leaving some of the field-trip bookings and city pass purchases for when I arrive at my destination.
  5. The official tourism pages for my destination–it’s an efficient and convenient way to gain accurate information about my destination especially if I have enough time for a field-trip.  I can access which field-trips can be executed in my stay at the location.

  6. Google-I use it for research about my hotel and general facts or if there is an easier way to see an attraction not withing easy distance of my hotel.  I stumbled upon a random blog post about how easy it is to use the train to visit Versailles outside of Paris without booking an expensive all inclusive guided tour.  I already had free entrance to the palace through my Paris Pass, I just needed to get there.
  7. image credit: http://www.google.com

    Viber-free international calls and texts to other Viber members using wi-fi (maiden voyage will be on my trip to Scandinavia–worked great!).

  8. What’s App-same as Viber–free international calls and texts to other What’s App members.
  9. A few sites I read about in a Buzzfeed article (http://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseypippin/16-useful-travel-websites-you-probably-didnt-know-about#.xx8NPola3) that I plan on trying out:
    1. Context Travel-online walking tours of the destination by history professors, archaeologists, and others with deep intimate knowledge of the locale.
    2. Jet Lag Rooster-it helps you shift your schedule three days before your trip to reduce jet lag.  That will be helpful going to Asia later this year.
    3. Skiplagged-a flight site to book cheaper flight routes.

Happy Travels!


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