Have Travel Will Prep: City Pass discount cards

To buy or not to buy?


City pass cards are a great way for travelers to save money on entrance fees to museums & historical sites, obtain free public transportation, and receive restaurant/retail discounts for a specific amount of time [24, 48, 72 & (sometimes) 96 consecutive hours] from the time the card is activated.  Occasionally, you can score a 10% savings on the purchase price by pre-ordering your pass before your arrival in town.  There are a few companies that offer the cards and lately variations of the discount cards are now offered–in the Netherlands, residents can buy an annual museum card for unlimited free or discounted entry to just about every museum.  Depending on your length of stay and your interests determine if the card is worth your money.

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I’m going to…..Italy!

Ahh….Italy….never been there and that surprises the heck out of most people.  They expect with all of the European traveling I have done over the last 8 years that I’ve traveled through one of the most desired European destinations.  Nope, never been and Italian was the foreign language of choice during college so it was only a matter of time before I finally decided I needed to see Italy.


I have plans for a trip in the spring when Italy isn’t too hot and since I can only spare a week–I will be focused on Rome and the surrounding area.  Another reason I’m focused on Rome is that I’m trying to convince my sister and her husband to meet me.  My sister’s husband’s office has a location in Rome, so he can work and my sister and I can play!  We can meet him every night for dinner and nightlife.  We’ll save some sightseeing for him on the weekends.  It sounds selfish, but truthfully her husband doesn’t like to travel much let alone take big vacations.


I’ve been researching some trips and I think I’ve narrowed down where in Rome I want to stay–around the Coliseum.  The Spanish Steps will be closed for renovation this spring which is disappointing, but hopefully this won’t be my only visit to Rome.  I plan on seeing the major sights including Vatican City (and buy blessed rosary beads).  I hope to make a couple day-trips outside of the city.  Villa Borghese and the Borghese Galleries (just outside of the city center) look like they could take up a whole day.  I would love to see Pompeii or Naples or even Capri, but I would have to do more digging to see if any of those locations are possible on a day-trip from Rome.


Future trips to Italy I would love to see Venice, Milan, Florence (and Pisa), Naples, Capri, Sicily, and Sardinia.  I have many Italian holidays to plan in the future!