I’m going to…..drive cross country (in the US)!

So I’ve never been keen on driving cross country–the quintessential American family vacation of old.  As a kid, I loved the classic Chevy Chase movie Vacation.  I loved to watch it , but I was never interested to live it until recently.

vacation poster

My mom traveled cross country both by car and train as a kid and she loved those vacations.  My mom and I want to go San Diego this summer and I started researching airfares and hotels.  Well….it was about $3000 for the two of us for a 4 day stay in San Diego not including a car rental.

For sh!t$ and giggles, I decided to google the approximate cost of driving cross country and it was about $500 tolls and gas.  With stops along the way and still staying in San Diego 4 days, we were looking at about the same amount of money as airfare/hotel packages.  I wasn’t worried about using my car to drive across the country, but my sister thinks I’m crazy.  So now I’m thinking of looking into renting a car for the trip.  Update:  Bambi (aka a  deer prancing across the road) killed my car, but I bought a newer one with very good gas mileage.


I’m still working out the places we want to see along the way–a few musts for me at least are Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, maybe Hoover Dam, San Francisco, Four Corners, and Chicago.  My mom has to figure out what she wants to see and work that into the list.  I wouldn’t mind going through Nashville and Memphis and Arkansas to stop at the Diamond Mine (the only one in the USA)–where we can dig for our very own diamonds!

Any suggestions for must see places?



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