I’m going to……..SE Asia!

So after embarking on a new horizon earlier this year by traveling to China, it occurred to me that 2017 marks 10 years that I committed to traveling wherever I wanted to go with or without a companion. The funny thing is that now that I’m comfortable traveling solo, I’m finding like minded travel companions. I decided that I needed to do a big trip to stretch my traveling resume. I threw that idea out to the woman I went to China with and she found an amazing itinerary for SE Asia.

So after thinking about it for –oh a minute–we decided to reserve the trip. The itinerary is Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, & Hong Kong. 15 days to explore SE Asia–I’ve always wanted to to see those cities but I thought it would be well into the future before I ever made it happen. I have to start researching the necessities like if we need visas and what to pack. I can’t wait to crack open my travel guides–I will probably be going book shopping in the near future. The only field trip I know that I really want sign up for is the day trip to Macau the last day of the trip from Hong Kong.

Now I’m on countdown to June.


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