Southeast Asia Trip Planning

The year is winding down and I’m starting to allow myself to think about my trip to southeast Asia next month.  The trip is paid for outside of the optional excursions which are paid in cash–I assume during the course of the trip.  My friend and I are not traveling solo but on a tour which is not optimal but for us it’s the right way to go.  We’ll be traveling on our own in Japan if she gets a spot in the Tokyo marathon.

This morning I spent time saving places in my google maps places so I can just open up my maps when we’re there.  It was helpful when we traveled in China to have every place already loaded in my maps.

I decided on 4 optional excursions:  Bangkok-Damnoen Saduk floating market & Phra Pathom Chedi plus the Grand Imperial Palace, Bali-Tanah Lot Temple at sunset, and Hong Kong-Macau day trip.  Maybe take a chance in one of the casinos……..

Our longest stay is in Bangkok and there were a few dinner shows but my friend was not a fan of those in China so we’ll probably forgo those.  Singapore has a night time zoo visit which might be interesting but I’ll leave it to my friend–I could take or leave that one!

We could independently arrange to see the Big Buddha on Lantau Island in Hong Kong but it’s an 8 hour day trip and we don’t have enough time unless we give up Macau.

Part of the preparation, I downloaded the CDC app TravWell  which suggests vaccines based upon the time/location of travel.  It’s suggested to get Hep A and carry malaria pills for some locations.  My insurance doesn’t have in network travel specialists on Long Island so I have an appointment to an out of pocket travel clinic–PassportHealth for the vaccines.  I’ll be seeing my doctor ahed of the appointment to get a vaccine history to bring with me.  I’m traveling to Europe in the future and measles outbreaks have been reported so I’ll see if I require a booster shot.

My next step will be to order some local currency to have on hand–it worked well when I traveled to China.  We arrived at strange times and I couldn’t always get away from the group to find my partner bank.

My last last step will be to start reading up on my itinerary.


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