Current state of affairs………

A new adventure awaits in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania!  Taking 2 weeks to hit the capital cities of these former Soviet Union controlled republics.  Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnuis have each hit different traveler insider lists of underrated European cities that are must see destinations.

Travel has slowed down this year as real life took a swing on the wanderlust.  I had to cancel the Germany (2 weeks in Berlin & Munich) trip last August.  I had to stay away from all social media, but now a new normal has settled in.  I tried to reschedule the Germany trip this summer and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I was so excited last summer for my itinerary and when I tried to recreate it this summer–ehh–I was over it.  I did go to Luxembourg for an extended weekend and took a day trip to Trier, Germany.  Trier is one of the oldest if not the oldest Roman city in Germany.  So technically……..I have visited Germany.  Eventually, I will get to Berlin and Munich–they are must see cities that I will check off my bucket list.

I have many pictures to share from SE Asia last summer and Luxembourg.  I look forward to blogging again.