About Victoria


I’m starting this blog as a way to share the perspective of the solo traveler.  I often journal my experiences as I travel and I find that I’m interested to find out if others share my point of view.  Traveling solo, especially for women, can be very different from that of the  family vacation, romantic getaways,  friends “gone wild”, business trip, or group tours (you know–the ones on the dreaded coach bus with various shopping stops and full time tour guide).

I started traveling solo in 2007.  I’m celebrating 2017 as my decade of traveling solo, I hope to stretch my travel comfort zone.  Right now my “solo travel” comfort zone is Europe, but I’m hoping to venture to other parts of the world.  I don’t live in an urban area but I enjoy my “European cityscape” vacations.  I wrapped up 2015 by venturing eastward–the Far East.  I visited China’s mainland and spent New Year’s day climbing the Great Wall of China.  I hope to travel through other Asian countries in the future.  I’ll be adventuring in SE Asia this year–I booked it in October.  I reside in the Northeast of the USA.  I’m a high school teacher and an amatuer photographer.

2 thoughts on “About Victoria

  1. Hey there Victoria- I may be in the mode of traveling with husband and kids now, but my absolute favorite travel memories are traveling solo. People talk to you when you are on your own, you can make friends with locals in a way that never happens when you show up as a pack. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences, since I haven’t done much in Europe since I was a teenager! Good luck to you!


  2. Hi Victoria,

    I am the Founder of Tripnary (www.tripnary.com). Thanks so much for featuring us in your recent post. If you have checked out the app, it would be great to get your feedback. I am on twitter @abhishekg and Tripnary is @tripnary.


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