Havel Travel Will Prep: Travel Insurance?

I will admit that I am an intermittent travel insurance buyer. In the past, I sometimes “cheaped” out because it was so unlikely that anything would interfere with my travel plans. Now I know not to be so arrogant……… Continue reading

Current state of affairs………

A new adventure awaits in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania!  Taking 2 weeks to hit the capital cities of these former Soviet Union controlled republics.  Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnuis have each hit different traveler insider lists of underrated European cities that are must see destinations.

Travel has slowed down this year as real life took a swing on the wanderlust.  I had to cancel the Germany (2 weeks in Berlin & Munich) trip last August.  I had to stay away from all social media, but now a new normal has settled in.  I tried to reschedule the Germany trip this summer and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I was so excited last summer for my itinerary and when I tried to recreate it this summer–ehh–I was over it.  I did go to Luxembourg for an extended weekend and took a day trip to Trier, Germany.  Trier is one of the oldest if not the oldest Roman city in Germany.  So technically……..I have visited Germany.  Eventually, I will get to Berlin and Munich–they are must see cities that I will check off my bucket list.

I have many pictures to share from SE Asia last summer and Luxembourg.  I look forward to blogging again.

I’m going to ……..Germany and (later) Luxembourg!


I didn’t venture out during April break–I don’t know why–I kept looking for a vacation until 5 days before the break.  I found some fabulous deals weeks beforehand, but I didn’t pull the trigger because we had snow forecasted–blizzards actually (which busted up to some heavy winds and rain).  Then I waited for my tax return so I could pay off my SE Asia trip in June/July off first.  Then I found an alternative itinerary of paths less ventured and I still didn’t book the darn thing because–I don’t know why.  At work, I’m known to travel frequently and often in the halls or mailroom I’m asked where I plan to visit on the next trip.  I cracked under the pressure.  Also, my options are more limited because of my own rules.  I’m trying to see new places and not go back to the same countries.  I’ve visited England 7-8 times and I still long to visit certain regions of the country that I’ve missed.  There are several cities in both Italy and Spain that I want to spend some time in, but I want to check off some new places first.

So I’m sitting here looking at airfares since I read a report that due to United and Delta making some poor PR moves, airfares are plummeting.  Well, I found some fantastic deals.  I searched, planned, and booked (no hesitations) not just one trip but TWO trips!

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Favorite Places-Top Ten in Europe


I have several favorite places for different reasons so I have a new mini-series planned–Favorite Places-Europe, Favorite Places-USA, Favorite Places-Asia (after my SE Asian adventure later this year) and maybe Favorite Places-City/Attractions or Favorite Places-Day Trip Destinations.

I’ll start with my comfort zone–Europe.  I think my criteria for determining “favorite” status will be feeling of comfort while there, ease of getting around, the attractions, and if I’d return (& if I’ve returned–how many times).

Here’s my list of top ten cities in Europe: Continue reading

10 Years of traveling solo! Let’s Celebrate–I’m going to ??????


2017 is a big year for me, because it marks the 10th year that I’ve been traveling solo.  In March of 2007, I just started a new graduate program to obtain my educational leadership certificates (building & district administration) and I was feeling unsettled and in a teaching rut.  This happens to me every few years, I get into a rut and then all of sudden I make several large changes in my life and it shakes things up a bit.  For a person who doesn’t like change, this is a big deal.  To an outsider, these seemingly rash decisions appear out of the blue, but the truth is that many of these changes are on a slow simmer for years in my brain while I suss out what I want to change and how to implement it.  Once I commit to the change, I’m all in and I want it immediately so everything seems random and quick.   Continue reading

List Challenges

I love List Challenges–where you choose a category (and I always choose travel sometimes books or movies) and you click on the places or sites you have visited.  You get to see how you stack up against fellow travelers.  I finally created one from my own travels–I’m sure I’ve forgotten some places or attractions.


Check out my list and see how you do!

What do you take pictures of while traveling?

Are you the selfie king or queen?  Are all of the photos of tourist sites cataloged in quirky angles or the artistic composition with the perfect lighting?  Do you go for serious travelogue or the funny shots that look like you’re pushing a building over?  Some people love portraits of people they meet while traveling.

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