Cityscape Destination: Granada

Where:  Granada, Spain

When:  February 2015

Weather conditions:  mid 50s, wet (lots of rain during my quick visit) but good walking weather overall–bought umbrella at Alhambra giftshop–€25 (note: remember to pack an umbrella on future trips!)

How long?  3 days, 2 nights

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Quiero tapas , por favor………

On my recent trip to Spain, my sister and I skipped the usual introduction to Spanish culture bypassing Madrid and Barcelona and ventured to Andalucia or southern Spain.  Spain is well-known for their tapas bars–tourists love the small plates that come with the drinks.  Tapas in the past were free and we did receive a free tapas one night, but generally there is a tapas menu nowadays.  J and I generally ate tapas every night except the night in Seville we decided to go Italian–which was a very good decision it turns out. Continue reading