I’m going to ……..Germany and (later) Luxembourg!


I didn’t venture out during April break–I don’t know why–I kept looking for a vacation until 5 days before the break.  I found some fabulous deals weeks beforehand, but I didn’t pull the trigger because we had snow forecasted–blizzards actually (which busted up to some heavy winds and rain).  Then I waited for my tax return so I could pay off my SE Asia trip in June/July off first.  Then I found an alternative itinerary of paths less ventured and I still didn’t book the darn thing because–I don’t know why.  At work, I’m known to travel frequently and often in the halls or mailroom I’m asked where I plan to visit on the next trip.  I cracked under the pressure.  Also, my options are more limited because of my own rules.  I’m trying to see new places and not go back to the same countries.  I’ve visited England 7-8 times and I still long to visit certain regions of the country that I’ve missed.  There are several cities in both Italy and Spain that I want to spend some time in, but I want to check off some new places first.

So I’m sitting here looking at airfares since I read a report that due to United and Delta making some poor PR moves, airfares are plummeting.  Well, I found some fantastic deals.  I searched, planned, and booked (no hesitations) not just one trip but TWO trips!

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10 Years of traveling solo! Let’s Celebrate–I’m going to ??????


2017 is a big year for me, because it marks the 10th year that I’ve been traveling solo.  In March of 2007, I just started a new graduate program to obtain my educational leadership certificates (building & district administration) and I was feeling unsettled and in a teaching rut.  This happens to me every few years, I get into a rut and then all of sudden I make several large changes in my life and it shakes things up a bit.  For a person who doesn’t like change, this is a big deal.  To an outsider, these seemingly rash decisions appear out of the blue, but the truth is that many of these changes are on a slow simmer for years in my brain while I suss out what I want to change and how to implement it.  Once I commit to the change, I’m all in and I want it immediately so everything seems random and quick.   Continue reading

I’m going to……..SE Asia!

So after embarking on a new horizon earlier this year by traveling to China, it occurred to me that 2017 marks 10 years that I committed to traveling wherever I wanted to go with or without a companion. The funny thing is that now that I’m comfortable traveling solo, I’m finding like minded travel companions. I decided that I needed to do a big trip to stretch my traveling resume. I threw that idea out to the woman I went to China with and she found an amazing itinerary for SE Asia.

So after thinking about it for –oh a minute–we decided to reserve the trip. The itinerary is Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, & Hong Kong. 15 days to explore SE Asia–I’ve always wanted to to see those cities but I thought it would be well into the future before I ever made it happen. I have to start researching the necessities like if we need visas and what to pack. I can’t wait to crack open my travel guides–I will probably be going book shopping in the near future. The only field trip I know that I really want sign up for is the day trip to Macau the last day of the trip from Hong Kong.

Now I’m on countdown to June.

I’m going to…..Italy!

Ahh….Italy….never been there and that surprises the heck out of most people.  They expect with all of the European traveling I have done over the last 8 years that I’ve traveled through one of the most desired European destinations.  Nope, never been and Italian was the foreign language of choice during college so it was only a matter of time before I finally decided I needed to see Italy.


I have plans for a trip in the spring when Italy isn’t too hot and since I can only spare a week–I will be focused on Rome and the surrounding area.  Another reason I’m focused on Rome is that I’m trying to convince my sister and her husband to meet me.  My sister’s husband’s office has a location in Rome, so he can work and my sister and I can play!  We can meet him every night for dinner and nightlife.  We’ll save some sightseeing for him on the weekends.  It sounds selfish, but truthfully her husband doesn’t like to travel much let alone take big vacations.


I’ve been researching some trips and I think I’ve narrowed down where in Rome I want to stay–around the Coliseum.  The Spanish Steps will be closed for renovation this spring which is disappointing, but hopefully this won’t be my only visit to Rome.  I plan on seeing the major sights including Vatican City (and buy blessed rosary beads).  I hope to make a couple day-trips outside of the city.  Villa Borghese and the Borghese Galleries (just outside of the city center) look like they could take up a whole day.  I would love to see Pompeii or Naples or even Capri, but I would have to do more digging to see if any of those locations are possible on a day-trip from Rome.


Future trips to Italy I would love to see Venice, Milan, Florence (and Pisa), Naples, Capri, Sicily, and Sardinia.  I have many Italian holidays to plan in the future!

I’m going to…..China!

I’m kind of excited and anxious all rolled into one.  I’ve never visited Asia so this is a first in a few ways–to Asia, to a communist country, and with a new traveling companion.  I’m traveling with a large group which I’ve done before and disliked but for Asia and China in particular–I feel it’s the only way to go with some peace of mind.  My traveling companion is a woman from work whom I know but not that well.  She has traveled extensively when she worked in the airline industry so we have travelling in common.  We started out talking about checking Manchu Picchu in Peru off the bucket list and would up booking this trip to China instead.   Continue reading