Vic’s Pic of the Week–London, UK


Piccadilly Circus and the Eros statue in the foreground–the “Times Square” of London where the night life of London is bustling with locals, buskers, and tourists.  Theatres, pubs, restaurants, and late night attractions all around for you to enjoy.  Trafalgar Square in front of the National Gallery often hosts concerts and outdoor events is nearby along with Covent Garden–the theatre district.

Nothing like a first time…….traveling solo to London (2007)

My younger sister (I have 2) suggested that I start with a post about how I started traveling solo to help others feel more comfortable trying it.  I have impulsive moments and that’s how traveling solo began for me.  Every few years I do something to shake things up in my life– teaching, skydiving, and buying a house.  In  March 2007,  I was ready to shake things up.  I signed up for grad school (my second stint in grad school–I already held a Master’s in Education) and I quit my second job in a high-end retail store.  Then I realized that I wouldn’t be able to travel until after my grad program was finished–1 1/2 years later.

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