Vic’s Pic of the Week–Scottish Borders, UK

melrose abby

St. Mary’s Abbey aka Melrose Abbey, Melrose UK

The King of Scotland and national hero of Scotland, Robert the Bruce’s heart is buried here.  On his deathbed, Robert the Bruce asked that his heart be carried into battle against the Infidels as he wished to fight in the Crusades.  It was carried as far as Moorish Granada (southern Spain) where his warriors died in battle and the heart was returned to Scotland for burial.  Actually, it was Robert the Bruce nicknamed “Braveheart” not Willam Wallace as commonly believed here in the US.

Vic’s Pic of the Week–Scott’s View, UK

sir walter scott's view

Sir Walter Scott’s View overlooking the valley of the River Tweed

in the borderlands of Scotland, UK

It’s said he travelled this road and stopped to take in this view

on his way home so often that during his funeral procession

in 1832 his horse stopped here without command.