Cityscape Destination: Seville

Where:  Seville, Spain

When:  February 2015

Weather conditions:  high 50s and close to 70 by the end of our stay in the city–beautiful walking weather–you only feel too warm when exerting yourself in full sun

How long?:  6 days 5 nights (second leg of southern Spain tour)  travelled by train from Granada to Seville

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Fieldtrip Files: Cordoba

Where: Cordoba, Spain

When: February 2015–My sister and I arrived in Granada, stayed for 3 days and traveled to Seville for the next 6 days.  Seville was homebase for the latter part of the trip and we took two days for field trips to nearby Cordoba & Ronda.

Weather conditions: 65 F+ throughout the day, breezy, and beautiful sunshine beaming down on us

How did we get there? 45 minute train ride from Seville and quick taxi ride to the Mezquita. It was a self directed tour of the city–we wound up just starting from the Mezquita and walking back to the train station–slowly winding our way through the narrow, twisty streets and making many stops along the way to significant historical sites.

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Quiero tapas , por favor………

On my recent trip to Spain, my sister and I skipped the usual introduction to Spanish culture bypassing Madrid and Barcelona and ventured to Andalucia or southern Spain.  Spain is well-known for their tapas bars–tourists love the small plates that come with the drinks.  Tapas in the past were free and we did receive a free tapas one night, but generally there is a tapas menu nowadays.  J and I generally ate tapas every night except the night in Seville we decided to go Italian–which was a very good decision it turns out. Continue reading